Call of Duty Mobile: Top 8 Tips and Tricks To Help You Win the Match

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most downloaded games on smartphones right now and with millions of users playing out, we’ve decided to bring you the Top 8 Tips and Tricks that will help you to win the game. We’ve also listed some battle royale tips on the list so if you are someone who loves playing Battle Royale Mode on COD Mobile, you won’t be disappointed. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

1) Low Graphics Offer Smooth Performance

Call of Duty is a graphics-intensive game and as a result, if you want to play the game on maximum settings you require a smartphone that comes with a powerful CPU and GPU. If you are playing the game on a mid-range device we recommend you to change your graphics settings. If you don’t care about the graphics, set it to the lowest with the maximum framerate supported on your device. A smooth gameplay will let you target the enemies faster without any lags.

2) Customizing Controls – Choosing the Right Mode and Remapping the buttons.

Call of Duty Mobile comes with two types of modes – Simple and Advanced and you can choose the one which you love the most. The Simple Mode comes with Autofire which means that all you have to do is Aim and Move around while playing the game whereas the Advanced mode comes with controls that are similar to PUBG Mobile.
The buttons on COD Mobile are very close and can be triggered accidentally especially for those who have small screen phones or big thumbs. Hence, you can change them for a better experience.
The default control locations can be customized from the Settings -> Controls -> Custom layout menu.

3) Make use of Gyroscope Sensor

Call of Duty Mobile comes with amazing graphics and along with that, you can use the Gyroscope sensor on your device to make the gameplay more realistic. Using the Gyroscope sensor will enable the motion controls in the game which means that you can get tasks done just by moving your device and as a result, the gameplay experience will get better.
To enable Gyroscope Sensor on COD Mobile all you have to do is:
  • Go to Settings -> Basic -> Turn on Gyroscope.

  • 4) Avoid High Populated Areas while Playing Battle Royale

    The most important thing while playing a Battle Royale game is survival and to survive in a game you must land somewhere you can find decent loot and there aren’t many people around you. You can get the kills later but remember once you die, the game ends for you. Hence locations like Launch Base, Standoff, Countdown, and Dock should be avoided as maximum people land there. The next time you play battle royale keep this in mind and you’ll easily make it to the Top 10.

    5) Crouch or go Prone when looting a body

    Looting a body means you are in sight of players who can take advantage of the scene and take you out easily. There’s nothing wrong with looting bodies but keeping yourself safe should be your first priority. Hence whenever you are looting a body make sure you crouch or go prone so you can be protected from your nearby enemies.

    6) Use Headphones To Hear Footsteps & Firing

    Wearing Headphones while playing Call of Duty Mobile becomes essential because it helps you hear the footsteps of nearby enemies and where exactly the enemy is firing from. It’s also good if you do voice chat, you can command your team via voice using the headphones/earphones. You can also buy Gaming Headphones for a much better experience. HyperX and Logitech make some cool gaming headsets so make sure you check them out if you want to buy one.

    7) Slide By Crouching While Sprinting

    If you are running in a Multiplayer game in Call of Duty Mobile and in case you start getting shot you can slide by crouching. It will give you an advantage as you’ll be protected from your enemies and along with that, you’ll have time to take shots at your enemy. Sounds cool? Make sure you try this out the next time you play the game.

    8) Shoot enemies through walls

    Did you know that you can shoot enemies through walls without using any kind of hacks? I know this sounds weird but in some maps like Nuketown, Firing Range, Crash and Crossfire you can actually shoot enemies through walls. Let’s take Nuketown as an example. In Nuketown there’s a garden-like area near the car which is protected by a grill. If the enemy is behind that you can shoot it up from the back or the front and you can easily get the kill. The same is the case with Nuketown Garage shoot through it and kill any enemy who is hiding.
    So that’s all for this guide. If you are looking for some more Call of Duty Tips and Tricks than make sure you check out our previous article by clicking here.