Train engine drives onto the road in Pune: Causes panic among Motorists [Video]

Indian roads have one of the most bizarre incidents. While there are a few videos of Indian army tanks operating on the Indian roads, an incident from Pune will shock you. A railway locomotive came onto the public roads in Pune. The train engine suddenly appeared on the road according to eSakal.

The train suddenly appeared on the old Mumbai-Pune expressway. In the past, we have seen many incidents where a vehicle gets stuck on the railway crossing but this is the rare incident of a full-size locomotive getting stuck on the public roads.
The incident happened at the Bopodi railway crossing when the engine suddenly came to stop on the road. The driver of the locomotive was given the job of shifting the train engine to another yard as another train was expected to reach the stockyard.

However, due to some confusion, the driver of the locomotive strayed onto the public roads. As per reports, the engine driver left the locomotive at that spot and ran away. The train got onto the road as the railway line was not closed off in the end. Military personnel came to the rescue when he told the driver that he’s going in the wrong direction. However, there are no clear reports or a formal statement from the officials about the incident.
Even though it is a busy road with a lot of traffic movement, no incident happened at the track. The military personnel stopped the train at the right time or it could have caused a major crash. It is not known if the driver of the locomotive was new and did not know the yard well. However, not closing off the end of the yard is a serious lack of safety from the authorities.
The traffic was also not stopped by the authorities even after the train engine blocked half of the road. It is not known if the rescue operation has started to remove the locomotive yet.
In the past, many incidents of vehicles getting stuck at the railway crossing have been reported. Due to the negligence of the drivers, mismanagement of the railway crossings and motorists trying to beat the train have caused many fatal accidents. However, this was a one-of-its-kind accident and no injuries or accidents were reported from the site.
The Indian railway network is one of the biggest in the world. It is also one of the most popular modes of the public transport system for long journeys. Over the years, railways have become much safer than they used to be but such incidents sure puts a question mark on the authorities and the steps that they take to ensure the safety of the passengers.