Grand Father aka My Great Grand Father Malayalam Movie DVD & VCD Releasing Soon from Empire

My great Grandfather Jayaram movie DVD and VCD Releasing very soon from Empire videos.

My Great Grandfather is a comedy that revolves around the life of a happy-go-lucky man named Michael and his group of friends. Directed by Aneesh Anwar, the film stars Jayaram in the lead role.

Apart from friendship, romance also plays its part in the life of supposedly 40-something Michel who gets attracted to 28-year-old Delna (Divya Pillai). Keen to see him settle down, Micheal’s parents accept his relationship. 

The comedy department is strong with Dharmajan playing Jayaram’s sidekick Kurukkan Paulose and Ramesh Pisharody as a priest. Salim Kumar and Vijaya Raghavan also make proceedings lively. 

The first half drags a bit as the director tries to describe the friendship of Michael and Sivan with some consciously introduced scenes. The tale comes alive in the second half along with humorous situational comedy.

The songs are nothing to write home about but action buffs won’t be disappointed.

Anwar wraps it up with a suspense-filled and sentimental climax which offers a message on friendship and its relevance. Overall, My Great Grandfather is a fun ride that conveys the message that for love and friendship age is not a barrier.