Angry Truck driver Blocking VOLVO BUS!!!

Witnessed this rare scene on Salem Bypass Highway. This video was taken by Mr. Noushad Shadz who was travelling in Kallada SCANIA bus, heading to Ernakulam from Hyderabad!!!
The travels buses are taking too much advance while overtaking trucks. The truck drivers are not giving up because of travel drivers they know to crash you but passenger makes them to slow down.
Truck driver must understand to give way because he is transporting heavy goods but the bus transporting passengers, if any thing happens bus passengers will lose their lives. We know that why truck drivers are so angry because they did not get proper sleeping hours. They keeps continuous driving long distances to reach in time.
The truck driver is not blocking the bus in fact he is maintaining the same lane with same speed. If the truck driver decided to change the lane he would have made the innova crushed between that truck and the other omni bus from where this video has been shot.
As per the traffic rules honking the horn loudly or signalling with bright headlights is not a legal criteria for overtaking. The driver of the vehicle ahead only has the right to allow overtaking by hand signal. Sadly no one follows this.