Aerial View of Trivandrum Bypass Road : An amazing Video

Thiruvananthapuram, commonly known by its former name Trivandrum, is the capital of the Indian state of Kerala. Located on the west coast of India near the extreme south of the mainland, Thiruvananthapuram is a major Information Technology hub in Kerala.
Thiruvananthapuram has a well-developed road transport infrastructure. The roads in the city are maintained by the Trivandrum Roads Development Company Limited (TRDCL) and Kerala PWD.
TRDCL manages the 42 km city roads which come under the Thiruvananthapuram City Roads Improvement Project (TRCIP), which is the first urban road project in India.
Aerial View of Trivandrum Bypass Road : An amazing Video
Video – Entekollam
TRCIP is a Public-private partnership project to improve and maintain the existing road network in the city to cater to the needs of rapid urbanisation. TRCIP has won the International Road Federation’s Global Road Achievement Awards in 2015.
TCRIP has also been selected by United Nations as a replicable Public Private Partnership model. It was one of the 12 Public-private partnership project case studies from across the world which fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.
Thiruvananthapuram is served by National Highway 66 of India’s National Highways system. The city is connected to the North-South Corridor of the National Highway system at Aralvaimozhi, which is 80 km south of the city.
The State Highway 1, which commonly known as the Main Central Road is an arterial highway in the city. Other major highways in the city are State Highway 2 and State Highway 45.
The Mahatma Gandhi Road is the main arterial road in the city. Another important road is the Kowdiar Road, which is also known as the royal road, as it leads to the Kowdiar Palace.